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All-Season Commercial/LT Radial Tire.


* Deeper grooves and excellent tread compound
* Rigid shoulder pattern and three longitudinal grooves
* Reinforced carcass


* Longer wearing and super long mileage
* For excellent operation and steering on dry and wet roads
* Reduces impact damage
Size Loading index/Ply Qty’/40’HQ
155R12C8PR 88/86Q 2300
165/70R13C6PR 88/86Q 2000
175R13LT8PR 97/95R 1650
165R14LT8PR 96/95Q 1900
175/70R14C6PR 95/93S 1400
175/70R14C8PR 99/95Q 1400
175/70R14LT8PR 93/90S 1400
175/70R14LT8PR 99/97S 1400
175/70R14 88S 1400
175/75R14C 8PR 99/98R 1350
175R14LT6PR 94/92R 1700
175R14LT8PR 99/97R 1700
175R14LT8PRPRO 99/97R 1700
185/65R14 90S 1500
185/70R14 92S 1400
195R14LT8PR 105/103N 1250
185R15LT8PR 103/102R 1300
195R15C8PR 106/104Q 1200
195R15C8PR PRO 106/104Q 1200
215/75R16LT 10PR 112/109Q 800

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