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Outside strong blocks design enables the tyre to follow the road’s surface contours more closely,helps to reduce blocks deformation while speed cornering, and enhances steering precision & better grip.

Size Loading index/Ply Qty’/40’HQ
175/65R14 82T 1750
185/65R14 90T 1500
185/55R15 82T
185/60R15 88T 1400
185/65R15 92T 1400
195/50R15 82T
195/65R15 95T 1220
205/55R16 94T 1190
205/60R16 96T 1080
215/55R16 97T 1000
215/60R16 99T 1000
215/65R16 102T 980
245/70R16 107T
205/50R17 93T
205/55R17 95T
215/55R17 98T 1000
225/45R17 94T 930
225/50R17 98T 940
225/55R17 101T 900
225/60R17 103T 850
225/65R17 106T 800
245/65R17 107T
215/55R18 99H
225/55R18 102T 860
225/60R18 104T
235/60R18 107T 810
245/45R18 100T 780
265/60R18 114T 620
285/60R18 116T 520
225/55R19 99H
235/35R19 91V
235/55R19 105H
245/45R19 102H
255/40R19 100V
255/50R19 107T

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