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828 is engineered with the highest standards to give you confidence to enjoy the road while helping keep you safe behind the wheel. Plus, our innovations help keep the planet safe by reducing fuel consumption and recycling end-of-life tires. When it comes to maximizing the full potential of your vehicle, trust COROCOTIRE.

Size Loading index/Ply Qty’/40’HQ
LT215/75R15 6PR 100/97S 990
LT225/75R15 6PR 102S/99S 840
LT235/75R15 6PR 104/101Q 800
30*9.50R15LT 6PR 104S 550
31*10.5R15LT6PR 109S 600
225/75R16LT 10PR 115/112R 830
LT235/70R16 6PR 104/101Q 750
LT235/85R16 8PR 114/111R 600
245/70R16 107S 700
LT245/75R16 10PR 120/116Q 600
LT265/70R16 8PR 117/114S 580
225/65R17 102T 800
235/65R17 104T 750
LT245/65R17 8PR 111/108S 720
LT265/65R17 10PR 120/117S 600
LT285/70R17 10PR 121/118R 400
235/60R18 103T 800
235/65R18 106H 720
LT265/60R18 10PR 120/117S 620
LT275/65R18 10PR 123/120R 560
LT275/70R18 10PR 125/122Q 480
LT215/75R15 6PR WSW 100/97S 990
LT235/75R15 6PRWSW 104/101Q 800
31*10.5R15LT6PRWSW 109S 600
LT235/70R16 6PR WSW 104/101Q 750
245/70R16 WSW 107S 700
LT245/65R17 WSW 111/108S 720
LT265/65R17 WSW 120/117S 600
235/65R18 WSW 106H 720

*WSW is the short of White Side Wall

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